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Japan – how to help

All of us at connect2urfuture are devastated about the recent disasters in Japan. We know that many of you  want to help in some way, and we suggest a donation to Direct Relief International. This organization has been vetted by Charity Navigator and donates 98.8% of funds to Japan.

Here’s the direct link to donate.  Thank you.

Final submission deadline approaching!

connect2urfuture is now accepting entries for the 10th Annual Asian Film Festival
of Dallas, July 14-21, 2011 in Dallas, TX!

Please visit our registration site at to submit your entry.

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas occurs during one week each summer
in Dallas, Texas. Festival goers and filmmakers escape the Texas heat
with dozens of feature films and shorts, from all genres and from all
over the world.

connect2urfuture is open to any feature film or video productions by Asian
Americans and Asian International filmmakers, or with subject matter
concerning Asian issues from any year, country, state, age, category,
and serving any theme.

connect2urfuture was founded in 2001 and has grown to become the largest showcase
of Asian and Asian American films in the southwest United States. connect2urfuture
provides multiple venues and opportunities for Asian and Asian
American filmmakers and their projects to be featured, often providing
the only opportunity for their work to be exhibited in the Dallas/Fort
Worth area.

Email us at if you have any questions.


Early Deadline: February 15, 2010 (postmarked)
Early Deadline Entry Fee: $35 (Feature film), $20 (Short film)
Final Deadline: March 15, 2010 (postmarked)
Final Deadline Entry Fee: $40 (Feature film), $25 (Short film)
Fees will be discounted $5 if submitted through Withoutabox.

We look forward to seeing your film!

It Begins Again

The big festival has wrapped up and it has been the most successful year to date, but we are not resting on our laurels. We have already started working on next years big festival and we are also working on some smaller events between now and then. We will be bringing you special events and all year long through this site, our facebook site and the our twitter account so keep posted.

Also, we are uploading pics and videos from the last week over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.

Thanks again for your support!

connect2urfuture Final Day – AU REVOIR MY FRIENDS!!!

We survived! We made it to the end together! There was a lot of excitement this week, a lot of great people, a lot of incredible films and a lot of firsts. This was the first year we we screened films at two incredible theatres, Angelika Film Center Dallas and festival main-stay Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre. This was the first year we over sold a film so much we had to open a second screen at the last minute. This was the first year we awarded a prize to a robot and a goblin girl. There were many firsts, and it was a great ride – now to start planning for next year’s 10TH ANNIVERSARY ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL OF DALLAS, sure to be even bigger than this year – thanks to you, the fans, for making all of this possible.

To kick off the final day at noon, we start with the encore presentation of our award winner for Best Narrative Feature, AU REVOIR TAIPEI. The first screening was sold out and was loved by those that got to see it, here is your last chance to see this charming gem of humor and quirky romance.

At 2:00 the Korean Comedy, LIKE YOU KNOW IT ALL might just convince you that there is a legitimate case for narcissism and tactless behavior. At 4:45, from the director and star of MAIKO HAAAN!!! comes NO MORE CRY!!!, a film about brothers separated during childhood. The connect2urfuture is very proud to present the U.S. premiere of NO MORE CRY!!!

We we cap of the week with Quentin Lee’s THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT WITH – Quentin Lee embraces the sexy, silly, feather-light side of sex-or-relationship politics.  And with his young, attractive and likable cast, it’s hard not to get caught up in the romantic-comedy shenanigans that ensue.

Quentin Lee will also be here for Q&A after the film, so don’t miss it. Once the Q&A is over it will be time to hop over to Deux Nightclub at Mockingbird Station for the Closing Night Party. This will be your last chance of the festival to hang out with your fellow film lovers, exchange stories and remember all those moments that made the festival special to you.

And just because we are always trying to bring you more anyway we can, we are squeezing one more screening of the incredibly weird and incredibly enjoyable SYMBOL in at 10:00 pm in case you don’t want to join the party at Deux.

Award Winner! Check out the complete list of Award Winners for this years festival.

THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT WITH Closing Night screening at the Magnolia Theatre, with director Quentin Lee in attendance, followed by the Closing Night Party at Deux Nightclub at Mockingbird Station. Film at 7:30pm. Party at 10pm, Free to VIPs and ticketholders, cover charge for public. Get directions here.

Running Turtles, Frozen Flowers and Empires of Silver

Is it Wednesday already? Welcome to the most incredible line up of the festival, well… ok… another of many incredible days of films.

Today, we wrap up the Shorts Program at the Magnolia with ADOPTED PERSPECTIVES, two powerful Korean shorts that explore the real life matters of identity and adoption. Also at the Magnolia today, is LET’S FALL IN LOVE, a documentary that blurs the line between filmmaker and subject while focusing on a series of Taiwanese arranged marriages in various states of flux.

At 7:20, RUNNING TURTLE is a gritty cop drama that relies more on human behavior and sly, effective comedy than fast-paced action.  But when it has to, this film knows how to throw down.  Don’t miss it! I will be there to see this one with all of you, can’t wait. Following RUNNING TURTLE is the final presentation of crowd favorite, ROBOGEISHA. This is your last chance to see the film that has had everyone talking all week.

Danny Pang ventures outside of the horror genre with the incredible VANTAGE POINT like SEVEN 2 ONE at 5:10 p.m. After you see this film you will wonder why we didn’t show it twice.

Over at the Angelika today, we are showing three films. Kicking off the evening at 5:00 is EMPIRE OF SILVER, a more than healthy dose of lust, greed, soul-searching and deception.

At 7:30 we have special presentation of 9500 LIBERTY, an engaging and timely look at how sensitive issues can create grassroots movements on both sides, and the depths of political intricacy involved in making and breaking them, 9500 LIBERTY is a powerful addition to this year’s slate of socially-relevant documentaries. This film is Co-presented by ACLU of Texas, OCA-DFW, Republican National Hispanic Assembly, and the Conservative Hispanics Society.  Panel Discussion to follow with guests Jason Villalba, Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly;  Steve Navarre, President and Founder, Conservative Hispanic Society (National); Gurvinder Singh, Vice President, Dallas Chapter of the ACLU of Texas;  and director Eric Byler.

Wrapping up the evening is FROZEN FLOWER, this epic drama takes the power of passion to the next level. Director Yoo Ha (A DIRTY CARNIVAL) creates a perfect combination of love, loyalty, and betrayal and wraps it in a backdrop of beauty and grace.

*As with all of our special presentations, 9500 LIBERTY is sure to have a packed house and we recommend arriving early to get a good seat.

connect2urfuture 2010 Jury Award Winners

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to our Jury Members for judging all the films in competition.

Best Narrative Short – Works of Art, directed by Andrew Pang

Best Documentary Short – Resilience, directed by Tammy Chu*

Best Animated/Experimental Short – Goh Nakamura: Embarcadero Blues, directed by Dino Ignacio

Best Documentary Feature – Iron Crows, directed Bong-Nam Park

Best Narrative Feature – Au Revoir Taipei, directed by Arvin Chen*

*Resilience Screens Wednesday at Noon. Au Revoir Taipei will have an encore screening on Thursday at Noon.

connect2urfuture’s 2010 Jury Members are:

Bruce DuBose – Executive Producer, Undermain Theatre

Dr. Charles Ku – Community Leader

Stephen Carlton – Founder and President, Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Philip Wuntch – Film Critic Emeritus, Dallas Morning News

Sean Griffin – Cinema-TV Department Chair, Southern Methodist University

Tuesday is Holiday – Don't Go to Work!!!

You ask, “Why does connect2urfuture show so many great films when I am at work and on school nights?” Because, we want to see how dedicated you really are. To get around this small problem, we at connect2urfuture are declaring Tuesday July 27th an official holiday, so you don’t have to go to work. If your boss doesn’t buy that excuse then simply bring them to the festival with you and change their life forever. (Our legal counsel has informed me that connect2urfuture cannot be held responsible for any actions that we suggest or you take to get to as many films as possible. But, we do understand.)

Again, today we are screening films at two different venues. First, the Angelika Film Center Dallas hosts some encore screenings of crowd pleasers I CORRUPT ALL COPS and BAY RONG (CLASH), so if you didn’t get to see these two earlier in the festival, now is your chance. After the action, we bring you the best Boar-vs-Human movies ever… I dare you to watch the trailer of CHAW and then not go buy a ticket… seriously, I dare you, everyone knows Korea makes great monster movies.

Hop back on over to the Magnolia where we kick off the afternoon with A MILLION at noon. This thriller is an exciting and powerful look at human nature at its darkest. A MILLION is one of those films that makes us wish we had so many more prime evening slots for all the great movies. After that, at 2:40 pm, the visceral and breathtaking look at what happens to all those giant ships that are no longer needed – IRON CROWS a powerful and fascinating documentary.

Don’t let the nice, good natured appearance of the image on our site fool you, or even the first part of this movie.  NIGHT & FOG begins as a deceptive, sickly domestic abuse drama, but ends up providing some disturbing moments that feel closer to outright horror.

At 7:20 pm we bring you another chance to see the dramatic and heartwrenching TALENTIME.

Tired of the simple and otherwise normal film fare of the day? Looking for something that is challenging and maybe even a little hard to explain? Then you should be standing in line right now for VISAGE, this film has been described as Cinema within cinema, art for art’s sake, and sensuality-as-museum-piece . One of the few films to ever be shot inside the fabled Louvre, this film could easily be exhibited there as well.

Just 3 full days left. We’re in the home stretch now. See you at the fest!

DRAMA All Day, Another Venue and Finally Ninjas and Pirates

Today we have so many films that we have to show them at two different venues. Not only do we have five amazing films at Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre, we also move over to the Angelika Film Center Dallas have to bring you the second part of our shorts program DISCOVERIES, a second screening of IP MAN 2 and a second screening of PHOBIA 2. Another venue and another chance to catch the movies you missed, especially if you were shut out of last night’s completely packed and sold out screening of IP MAN 2.

Back over at the Magnolia, we kick things off at noon with the documentary BEIJING TAXI. This film profiles three Chinese cab drivers during the period before and after the 2008 Olympics – a unique perspective on how the city changed forever.

Need a break from reality then take in the moody and engrossing drama ACCIDENT, this incredible piece of Hong Kong suspense demands your attention and will keep you guessing until the very last scene. From an intense drama to a… well… another intense drama  AT THE END OF DAYBREAK, this film is gorgeous and moody and tackles some tricky issues, matching those issues up perfectly against youthful ignorance and disregard. Do not blame us if you are still talking about this film for days afterwards.

At 6:30 p.m. connect2urfuture is extremely proud to be able to bring MAO’S LAST DANCER to Texas and as an extra bonus we have Charles Foster and Ben Stevenson, the real life men who are portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan and Bruce Greenwood in the film.

Just when you are tired of all the drama, it is time to settle down with some friends and enjoy the glory that is KAMUI. This film gets you back into the fun of the festival with a more than healthy dose of Ninjas, Pirates and Sharks -  this film is fun and you will enjoy it! Or else! Did I mention the ninjas?

MAO’S LAST DANCER screening at the Magnolia Theatre, with special guests Charles Foster and Ben Stevenson in attendance to discuss their real-life experience as portrayed in the film. 6:30pm.

IP MAN 2 Centerpiece is Sold Out!

Ip Man 2 is sold out for tonight. If you didn’t get your ticket, never fear. We’ll be showing it again tomorrow.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Black Eyed Peas, Tibetan culture, hungry sharks, dreams and the epic journey of a plastic bag. The day kicks off at noon with EXPLORATIONS, part 1 of 3 shorts programs we are premiering this year. This collection was put together with love and care to bring you a unique mix of short films that showcase the other film makers out there that are not focused on big budget features.

The third day is considered by many, our biggest and most exciting day of the festival. I would call Sunday just one of seven huge and exciting days of programming at the 9th annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas. Yes, this is the day you finally get to set your eyes upon the magnificence that is called IP MAN 2 at 7:30, the sequel to last years extremely popular Audience Award winner IP MAN. But, it also the day you get to see my personal favorite, the Vietnamese action flick BAY RONG (CLASH) at 10:00, bosting bone snapping fights and fast paced action sequences. Don’t let the fact this movie was made on a budget fool you, it is on par with other classics like the John Frankenheimer RONIN.

It has been a few years since we have brought you any Anime, but we finally found something we could not pass up – SUMMER WARS. This animated feature will have you on the edge of your seat with the suspense and is still appropriate for the entire family – this film is destined to become a classic.

TOAD’s OIL is one of those quiet unassuming gems we, as a festival, are lucky enough to get our hands on, and it could easily get lost amongst the big names and loud action of everything else connect2urfuture has to offer this year. This is the one film you will regret missing, it is an incredible melodrama full amazing acting that usually doesn’t make it onto Western rental shelves. This could easily be the only time you ever get to see this film.

If you aren’t sure about what to see today, check out the trailers on our site… then go buy your tickets for all of them because you will want to see them all.

For our VIP members we bring you a special treat before IP MAN 2 – Free Sushi and finger foods provided by The Sushi Bar. Get there early to get yours and to prepare for what is sure to be another epic evening of films.